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you wanna light something up

you've gotta burn it down

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andromeda3116 (otherwise known as sarah) is a writer, a dreamer, a scientist, a sci-fi nerd, and a head case. she enjoys tea, ghost stories, astronomy, biology, physics, organic chemistry, discovery channel documentaries, miyazaki films, firefly and serenity, star wars, the lord of the rings, dungeons & dragons, harry potter, avatar: the last airbender, everything by neil gaiman, history, archaeology, flavored coffee, and fuzzy animals. she likes to talk, and occasionally has bursts of insight or humor; also, she writes a whole lot and never seems to get anything finished. when she gets back into school, she'll be a biology major again and -- just maybe -- she'll become an astrobiologist.


the wild andromeda3116 can be found lurking around the harry potter, avatar: the last airbender, firefly, and final fantasy fandoms, occasionally writing fanfiction and looking at pretty fanart. she does not comment often because she doesn't ever know what to say, but she does like making friends. in reality, she lives in the region of the united states marked south; in politics, she inhabits the quiet middle ground; in religion, she holds a big sign labeled no comment, at least for the time being. she can be captured by bringing up fandom topics such as "character x should totally have gotten with character z, not character y!" and "boy isn't it awesome that tom hardy is going to play bane?" once you've captured your andromeda3116, you'll find that she's remarkably easy to take care of: all you have to do is pet her occasionally when she posts writing and promise not to get mad when she inevitably forgets to do something she promised to do (if you remind her, she'll get right on it, though, so don't be afraid to do so.)


if you found this journal via andromeda3116's writing and wish to friend it so that you'll get updates when she posts some new story, feel free to friend her; however, she likely won't friend you back because, in addition to writing, she also posts personal entries (related to the "head case" bit) and doesn't like to overburden strangers with her issues. if you would like to be added, leave a comment either here or on her most recent entry. she isn't fussy about friends and won't chase you down or interrogate you or make you swear fealty to cthulhu or anything.

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"take wrong turns. talk to strangers. open unmarked doors. and if you see a group of people in a field, go find out what they're doing. do things without always knowing how they'll turn out... there are so many adventures that you miss because you're waiting to think of a plan. to find them, look for tiny, interesting choices. and remember that you are always making up the future as you go."