Sarah (andromeda3116) wrote,

Anyone have any more information about Jill Stein? I like what I've seen but I want more information. This is the first election I'll be voting in (submitting my registration form tomorrow finally) and I want to be completely informed before I make that decision. I don't want to just cast the vote for Obama because I feel like it's either him or Romney and I'll stab myself in the neck before I'll vote for Romney. I want to make sure I know my options.

That "I Side With" test listed Obama as the top candidate that I side with, but she was a close second, and I'd like to support a female president and vice president if I can, particularly one who supports the environment and health care reform like she does, and who isn't stupidly wealthy. I just don't know how she stands on other social issues, and I'd love to know more.

(Re: last post: I talked to my dad, and he sided with me on basically everything. I'm going to try talking to her this week and get things hashed out, hopefully.)
Tags: 2012 election, politics

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