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Since it became clear to me that my New Year's Resolution for 2011 wasn't going to happen, I decided to make an all-inclusive fandom post detailing what fandoms you may find me in (or which I might end up dabbling in), what I may or may not ship within each, and what you're likely to find fic of on this journal.  Arranged alphabetically; italics indicates currently active fandoms.

Aladdin (Disney)
Avatar: the Last Airbender
Chronicles of Narnia
Cowboy Bebop
Criminal Minds
Devil May Cry
Doctor Horrible's Sing-Along Blog
Dragonball ; Z ; GT
Final Fantasy VI ; VII ; VIII ; IX ; X ; X-2 ; XII
Greek Mythology
Harry Potter

Hercules (Disney)
Law and Order ; SVU ; CI
Legend of Zelda
Lord of the Rings
Order of the Stick
Ouran High School Host Club
Neil Gaiman's the Sandman
Star Trek TOS // XI
Star Wars
Tangled (Disney)
Tenchi Muyo!

And now for the Harbor, otherwise known as the Great Pairing List.  I will ship just about anything and everything and most of it non-seriously, so these are the more serious ("I may actually write for these") pairings.

Avatar: the Last Airbender // Mai/Jet ; Zuko/Katara ; Mai/Ty Lee ; Sokka/Suki ; Sokka/Yue ; Aang/Toph ; Ty Lee/Aang ; Sokka/Azula ; Azula/Mai ; Azula/Ty Lee ; Mai/Katara
Devil May Cry // Dante/Lady
Dragonball // Goku/Chi-Chi ; Gohan/Videl ; Goten/Marron ; Trunks/Pan
Final Fantasy VI // Terra/Celes ; Terra/Locke ; Terra/Edgar ; Edgar/Celes
Final Fantasy VII // Tifa/Cloud ; Aeris/Cloud ; Aeris/Zack ; Tifa/Reno ; Tifa/Rude ; Yuffie/Cloud ; Yuffie/Vincent
Final Fantasy VIII // Squall/Rinoa ; Selphie/Irvine ; Laguna/Raine ; Seifer/Quistis ; Quistis/Squall
Final Fanasty X(-2) // Tidus/Yuna ; Tidus/Rikku ; Wakka/Lulu ; Rikku/Gippal ; Yuna/Baralai
Final Fantasy XII // Ashe/Balthier ; Vaan/Penelo ; Penelo/Larsa ; Balthier/Penelo
Firefly/Serenity // Mal/Inara ; Wash/Zoe ; Simon/Kaylee ; Kaylee/Jayne ; Kaylee/Inara
Harry Potter // Lily/James ; Harry/Ginny ; Ron/Hermione ; Ginny/Draco ; Hermione/Draco
Ouran High School Host Club // Haruhi/Tamaki ; Haruhi/Hikaru ; Haruhi/Kyouya ; Kyouya/Tamaki
Tenchi Muyo! // Tenchi/older!Sasami ; Tenchi/Ayeka ; Tenchi/Ryoko

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