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and a dark wind blows;

the skyline was beautiful on fire
all twisting metal stretching upwards,
everything washed in a thin orange haze -- -

                andromeda3116, cupid-painted-blind, Touch of Gray, Wings of the Morning, andromeda311, Sarah.
            The portion of the United States marked "South." The largest university in my state. Harry Potter, Avatar: the Last Airbender/Legend of Korra, Final Fantasy, and occasionally X-Men fandoms, along with a miscellany of other fiction works. Dreamwidth (except not really), AO3, (1, current; 2, defunct),, tumblr, and MuggleNet (also defunct).
            A lot of this journal is taken up with fanfiction and other writing fragments. I'm working on consolidating all of my tags by fandom, but it's still a work-in-progress. There's over 170 entries originally tagged with "fic" -- that's the accumulation of almost six years of posting to this site. I do not recommend delving too deep into that tag, lest you disturb that from which you will flee.
            What I also do on here is use this as, well, a journal. There's a lot of darkness hidden in the "life" tag -- I suffer from mental illness(es), and it's slowly taken over my life as I've gotten older. I'm coming out of it, though, as much as one can. Still, I post about it often and in-depth because I've been writing since I could hold a pen and I organize my thoughts far better through writing than by any other method. I use this journal as a fusion of therapy and literature.
            Finally, there's quite a bit of meta and discussion scattered throughout the various fandom tags, with an appreciable amount of Science! talk.
What else should I know?
            I lean left in politics, I'm majoring in a hard science, I don't go to church (but I don't get angry at those who do), I value freedom most, I'm a cynic, I write to get out of my head, I have a somewhat traumatic past/mind, and I identify as a romantic asexual. I was raised on classic rock, ancient history, and Stories from the Intensive Care Unit at the Local Hospital, so I have a soft spot for good music, a working knowledge of most historical time periods, and an iron stomach. I try not to hurt people, but I can be distant and unresponsive at times, although that does not mean that I do not care.
What isn't okay with you, fandom- and fanfiction-wise?
            Bashing, either of characters or ships. (I admit that in the past I've been guilty of this, and I'm not going to go down that road again. In an attempt to turn over a new leaf, the rule extends to all of the characters and pairings, not just the ones I like.) Plagiarism, obviously. Poorly-written female characters. Wanton cruelty to the common comma. People who turn off spellcheck because they get sick of all the red squiggly lines. Critical research failures. People who don't understand the function of the "shift" button, or the "enter" button. Purple prose. Bad things being touted as good things. Flamers who claim that they're giving "constructive criticism."
Anything else?
            If you want to watch this journal for my writing, you don't have to ask. Just go ahead and friend me, but I won't friend you back unless you leave a comment asking me to do so. I have this policy because, like I said, there's a lot of darkness and a lot of in-depth discussion of my mental disorder(s), and I don't want to overburden strangers with my issues, unless they want to get to know me personally.

-- - i said, "kiss me, you're beautiful, these are truly the last days."  
you grabbed my hand and we fell into it,
like a daydream, or a fever.
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sticky post: fandoms

Since it became clear to me that my New Year's Resolution for 2011 wasn't going to happen, I decided to make an all-inclusive fandom post detailing what fandoms you may find me in (or which I might end up dabbling in), what I may or may not ship within each, and what you're likely to find fic of on this journal.  Arranged alphabetically; italics indicates currently active fandoms.

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fic: appletinis (or, zuko and toph make bad decisions)

Title: Appletinis (or, Zuko and Toph Make Bad Decisions)
Author: andromeda3116/cupid-painted-blind
Rating: T+ for cursing, drunkenness
Characters/Pairings: Zuko, Toph, walk-in from Katara. Hints towards Zuko/Katara, ambiguously implied past/occasionally-present-tense Zuko/Toph if you want it. I want it
Summary: If Uncle Iroh was the angel on Zuko’s right shoulder, Toph Bei Fong was the devil on his left. Takes place in my Madcap Mafia AU!Verse.
A/N: I really just want Toph and Zuko to be bitchy best friends.
There was a new bartender at the Shirxiu’s Nest, and either she was really new and had no idea how to make a drink right or she was a stone-cold alcoholic, because Zuko’s screwdriver was more like a Molotov cocktail.

It was, he decided after the first drink, the closest thing to love he would ever experience.

He didn’t have a particularly good reason to be drinking the night away except that he didn’t have a particularly good reason not to drink the night away, and although Uncle Iroh had a standing offer for Zuko to come over and “shoot the breeze,” Zuko rather felt like he would be better off spending his weekends with people who didn’t think that “shoot the breeze” was a current phrase. The more time he spent around Uncle Iroh, he had found, the more he started to sound like a half-batty sixty-something, and at twenty-eight, he was no longer young enough to find it ironically cool and still not old enough to get away with it.

About thirty seconds after he ordered his second drink, carefully explaining to the new girl that she had made the first one absolutely perfect and if she kept this up, he’d leave her the biggest tip she’d ever get, a large messenger bag crashed into his lap and nearly took him to the floor. He didn't look up.

“Long time, no see,” Zuko said evenly, struggling back into a sitting position.

“You’re not funny.”

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(no subject)

I've been editing/fixing/re-writing As the Turn of the Worlds so that I feel like it's better (more cohesive and in-character), so:

Link to the reposting of Book 2.

I haven't touched Book 1 yet because so long and I haven't gotten to Book 3 yet, but I've updated almost all of Book 2, so it's a matter of touching up and posting all of it. I haven't yet posted anything on FFN that I hadn't posted here, so that's why this isn't a full-on update.
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(no subject)

Anyone have any more information about Jill Stein? I like what I've seen but I want more information. This is the first election I'll be voting in (submitting my registration form tomorrow finally) and I want to be completely informed before I make that decision. I don't want to just cast the vote for Obama because I feel like it's either him or Romney and I'll stab myself in the neck before I'll vote for Romney. I want to make sure I know my options.

That "I Side With" test listed Obama as the top candidate that I side with, but she was a close second, and I'd like to support a female president and vice president if I can, particularly one who supports the environment and health care reform like she does, and who isn't stupidly wealthy. I just don't know how she stands on other social issues, and I'd love to know more.

(Re: last post: I talked to my dad, and he sided with me on basically everything. I'm going to try talking to her this week and get things hashed out, hopefully.)
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gorillaz -- on melancholy hill (bbc radio live lounge)

up on melancholy hill, there's a plastic tree
are you here with me?
just looking out on the day of another dream

well, you can't get what you want, but you can get me

so let's set out to sea
'cause you are my medicine when you're close to me
when you're close to me

so call in the submarines, 'round the world we'll go
does anybody know 
if we're looking out on the day of another dream?

if you can't get what you want, then you come with me

up on melancholy hill sits a manatee
just looking out for the day when you're close to me
when you're close to me

when you're close to me...
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fic: do you want a cookie?

Last one! I saved up the funny one for last.

Title: do you want a cookie?
Author: andromeda3116/cupid-painted-blind
Rating: PG, for cursing and the fact that it's a mafia AU.
Characters/Pairings: Zuko, Katara, mentions of other characters; slight/pre-Zuko/Katara but mostly just half-hearted antagonism.
Summary: Prompt from likexaxdove: Zutara -- bullet wound. Newly minted M.D. Katara Nerrevik, with a dying mother and ten years of student loans sucking at her shoes, is in desperate need of money, and the Yenrai family, with a criminal background and a list of people who need elimination, silencing, or profound suffering, need a doctor to clean up their injuries and messes. It would work for both parties, except both parties loathe the other.
A/N: Oh, jeez. I don't know how I got from that prompt to this story. My theory is, there's a madcap mafia AU in every fanfiction writer, just waiting for the chance to escape. I was also going for tragedy when I started, but it ended up humorous. Also, this kept trying to be less Zutara and more "Totally Definitely Serious Crime Boss In Training Zuko’s Shenanigans With His Lovably Crazy Uncle Iroh In Which All Parties Involved Admit That The World Would Be A Saner Place If They Were Permanently Separated But Alas They Are Inseparable. And Also Azula Has Projectile Weapons."

This also wants to become its own series of inter-connected oneshots, in which Aang is a rookie cop assigned to take down the crime families (which means that he's literally the only one who isn't being paid off to look the other way) and Toph is the shadow-king unholy offspring of Bruce Wayne and Kyouya Ootori who runs the Bei Fong crime family (officially the Yenrai family's rival, but Zuko and Toph are basically Crowley and Aziraphale) and Iroh is a Retired Badass who volunteers at inner-city schools to teach the poor, disadvantaged youngsters how to use the fine arts to achieve inner peace and also reminisces fondly about the summers he spent in LA in his youth, courting the famous movie stars of the 50s and 60s (with photographic evidence that makes Zuko seethe with jealousy). It would basically be an Avatar Mafia Fanfiction AU version of Evadne's Once Upon a Freakin' Time: Zuko tries to do bad things, but mostly just does things badly.

— do you want a cookie?

She works for them, but not by choice, or even really for them -- they simply have, as Azula calls it, an "understanding." Newly-minted M.D. Katara Nerrevik, with a dying mother and ten years of student loans sucking at her shoes, is in desperate need of money, and the Yenrai family, with a criminal background and a list of people who need elimination, silencing, or profound suffering, need a doctor to clean up their injuries and messes.

It would work for both parties, except both parties loathe the other.

Katara is too good to be involved with criminals, and the Yenrai family are too wealthy and powerful to put up with a wet-behind-the-ears physician. But Katara is only one of many general practitioners in the city and her skills -- while certainly top-notch -- aren't particularly needed, and more established doctors with more established practices aren't desperate enough to take any of the Yenrai family's deals.

Azula constantly tells them that they should just threaten or blackmail the good doctors or medical examiners into helping them, but Zuko (and Iroh) feel like it's an unnecessary risk.

"If they're smart and powerful enough to have a high-ranking job like that, what do they have to fear from us?" he challenges her... or, he would challenge her if he didn't know exactly what her response would be -- that is, "let me show you what they have to fear from us," and frankly, Zuko has already cleaned up more of Azula's power trips and temper tantrums than any half-sane person should have to; inviting Azula to commit more crimes against humanity is officially the absolute last thing he needs to do right now.

So mostly he grumbles under his breath and tries, with increasingly dismal results, to keep her in check.

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fic: heavy is the head (that wears the crown)

Title: heavy is the head (that wears the crown)
Author: andromeda3116/cupid-painted-blind
Rating: PG, for alcohol abuse.
Characters/Pairings: Tahno, Korra; unrequited Tahno --> Korra.
Summary: Prompted by hollywoodhaikus (uptown_side): I would actually be really interested in a Tahno-centric fic. We don't really know a lot about him, but what about some UST with Korra or coming to terms with his bending loss? — Korra has an important, life-changing theory, and needs a volunteer to test it.
A/N: I don't ship it, guys. I know a lot of people do, but I don't -- except like this, an unrequited feeling from Tahno, who's had this one huge brush with a goddess, and who will probably spend the rest of his life trying to come up with a way to make his previous actions up to her. Kind of the way I ship Jet/Katara, honestly. Title and cut-text are from the only decent song Limp Bizkit ever wrote, Rearranged.

When the Avatar appears beside him at the bar, flushed and out of breath like she's been running, a sheen of sweat on her brow and eyes alight with something he doesn't recognize, he doesn't even know where to begin thinking. She's haphazardly dressed, clothes clinging and asymmetrical in ways that invite late-night thinking, but it's her eyes that really draw him in. Wide. Dark-circled and red-rimmed. Brilliant summer-sea blue -- without a hint of derision or pity.

He tries to look a little less drunk, but he can't will away the reek of bourbon or his wavering posture, even in the face of a beautiful woman who has obviously rushed to find him in some dive bar at an unreasonable time of night.  He doesn't even like bourbon, but it's the strongest liquor he can buy with the little money he still has saved; even so, the smell is starting to make him nauseous, or maybe it's just the 100-proof whiskey sitting heavy in his veins. She falters when she reaches him, takes a deep breath and stops like that, mouth open but wordless.

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